After the amazing success of HEAT's debut, our inventory was effectively wiped out. Due to fan response, we're not taking pre-orders during the month of September & October for another print run of both HEAT graphic novels. Now's your opportunity to become part of the #HEATmovement and get your copies now!!!

HEAT Vol.1: Undeserving

JaVon Stokes (Writer/Artist/Cover)

Collecting the smash hit 3-issue mini-series!

Introducing comic's newest super hero sensation!

HEAT is the story of Cameron Clarke as he begins his journey as Trinity City's newest protector...except an incredible tragedy occurs that will shape the young man's future and determine if he'll actually become the hero he yearns to be!

If you loved Black Panther, Luke Cage, Avengers Infinity War and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse, you'll love this story of a young man who's "hero's journey" runs into the worst possible day!!!

Trade Paperback

 72 pages each/ Full Color $14.99 each

After traumatic events of the previous story, in which HEAT was inadvertently responsible for the death of a young new mother, this new graphic novel picks up on his continuing attempts to atone for his previous mistake as well as continuing to be the best hero possible.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t allow time for reflection and redirection, as Cameron is besieged on two fronts by threats. As HEAT, he doggedly assaulted by a masked individual of tremendous power named “The Black Flame” who’s dark secret when uncovered shows a surprising connection to the young hero and, in his private life, Cameron must stand helplessly by as one of his loved ones falls victim to a terrifying sickness. Cameron, with his back against the wall, must do everything in his power to not only end the threat of the Black Flame, but save the life of someone he loves.

HEAT: The Black Flame

JaVon Stokes (Writer/Artist/Cover)

 70 pages each/ Full Color $11.99 each

Graphic Novel


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