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VSM CEO JaVon O Stokes

Born in Hartford, CT, JaVon O. Stokes has spent his entire life in the service of the arts. As a teenager, he took part in various arts-related programs & competitions, including the after-school program J.A.M. (Junior Art Makers), spending his high school afternoons creating various pieces sold to many CT-based companies including Travelers & Aetna.

After graduating from Hartford Public High School, JaVon attended the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). There, he studied in the field of Animation and earned his Bachelor’s degree in 3D animation from SCAD in 2008. while taking an interest in Sequential Arts. 

While enrolled, he developed his own freelance design company previously named J.S.S. (JaVon Stokes Studios). Through his company he created various graphic design works for businesses such as Aetna & Dijaro Designs in addition to numerous private commissions.  During the 2006 holiday season, J.S.S. released a successful line of holiday greeting cards. With the success of the holiday cards, he created a 2nd wave of Holiday cards as well as producing the artwork for Evelyn D. Cook’s second children’s book, “The Andersuns: Keturah’s Bedtime Story”,

With the company now rebranded "Visually Stoked Media", JaVon Stokes has moved into other types of art-based products including animation, visual effects and comic books with the most recent offering being the successful independently produced superhero comic book mini-series titled HEAT.


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